Young orphan Kevin holds the future in his hand, and he’s about to find out just what it has in store for him. Discovering a magical Skull Compass with the ability to locate wormholes and travel through space-time, Kevin sets out on an adventure through the past and distant future.

Charting a course with his uncle—Captain Grey—and the unlikely crew of the Wave-runner, Kevin is pursued at every turn by the evil Kane and his company of supernatural skeleton swashbucklers onboard the ghost ship Orca. Kevin and the crew must stay one step ahead of Kane, who will stop at nothing to obtain Kevin’s Compass, planning to use it as a means to free his love—the mysterious Shadow—from her prison, and in the process engulfing the entire Earth in her dark power.

Kevin will find allies in all corners of the world, from all epochs of history, and build friendships strong enough to conquer evil. Kevin will also find the answers to the shadowy questions of his own past, and for the first time, find family aboard the Waverunner.

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Created by Raymond Haugland, Kristian Nilsen and OUT FOR JUSTICE. All rights reserved.
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